How can you give seeds away?

We have connections with major seeds banks and breeders. Seeds should not just be available to those with deep pockets where 10 seeds might cost as much a $100 or more plus shipping.

Where do you ship to?

Currently to North America.

Why Bitcoin only for Shipping & Handling payment?

Safe, secure and anonymous.

Do you have other strains?

We will add new strains as they become available to us so check back regularly.

Are the seeds fresh?

Yes, always tested for easy germination and 100% guaranteed.

Is the packaging discreet?

Yes, always.

Can I use a fake name?

We would like customers to use a real deliverable name and address. It helps to speed delivery with no returns or questions.

How long from after placing an order can I expect delivery?

Orders are shipped out the following day and usually take 4-6 days for delivery.

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